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Isaiah 43:19 says “I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” NIV

God is indeed doing a new thing, yet many are not aware of it because of a lack of revelation. I would like to share some insight as to what God is doing in the Body of Christ. God is preparing the Body of Christ spiritually and naturally. He is pruning, purging and sifting the Church, getting it ready for a new season. People are being moved and repositioned so that they are in their proper places for growth and development as people and especially as Christians.

In the natural in a “New Season” plants of the earth and the fruit from them come forth. God desire is that we as Christians begin to show forth the fruit of our lives and ministries that others can be blessed.

At Faith Tabernacle we welcome you to find your place as we provide you with a safe atmosphere that allows you to grow in the Lord, develop a deeper relationship with Him so that you will be able to be what God has ordained for your life and fulfill your purpose.

Continue to look through the website and come and visit us to see the excitement of Worshiping God, being in fellowship and feeling the genuine love of others. You will find that we believe in the unity of families and have other ministries that challenges and encourages people to mature; be empowered and experience that we at Faith Tabernacle are a church that is Advancing The Kingdom and cares the very best for your soul.

Bishop Designate V. Ricardo Thomas Sr.

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